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SHF Ultraman Ribut

RM 245.00

-[Ultraman Ribut] is finally here in SHFiguarts from [Ultra Galaxy Fight Fateful Clash]!

-Not only in the [Ultra Galaxy Fight] series, but also in [Ultraman Trigger]! [Ultraman Ribut], which is expected to be active in the future, has finally become SHFiguarts!

-SHFiguarts Ultraman Ribut [Ultraman Ribut] is now available in SHFiguarts. With the cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions modeling department LSS, modeling and three-dimensionalization with the image in the play.

-It is possible to take various poses in the play with a wide range of motion.
-Comes with a spreader rod and ribbed blocker that were very successful in the play.
-Galaxy blaster effect is also included.
-By replacing the left forearm, it is possible to reproduce the state without the ribbed blocker.

[set content]
・ Main body
・ Replacement wrist left and right 5 types each
・ Replacement color timer (red)
・ Replacement left forearm
・ Spreader rod
・ Ribut blocker
・ Galaxy Blaster Effect