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P-Bandai MG V2 Wing of Light

RM 130.00

--- Wings of Light reveal in “Ver.Ka”. Now Appearing . ---
An expansion effect unit recreates the Wings of Light spreading scene from the animation with MG VICTORY TWO GUNDAM “Ver.Ka”!
*This product does not include the Mobile Suit.
Together with "MG 1/100 VICTORY TWO GUNDAM Ver.Ka" (*sold separately) which can be purchased in stores,
this effect and special base is released as an expansion effect unit to recreate the “Wings of Light” scene which appears in the animation.
The effect comes in two colors, clear pink and clear blue, which is selectable according to your preference.
Includes a precious pearl white special base.
・ Highly detailed “Wings of Light” expansion effect spreads in two colors!
    The effect is completely fit for the body form of MG VICTORY TWO GUNDAM “Ver.Ka”.
    The size, mold lines, shape and colors have a sense of balance with the main body, directed by Katoki Hajime.
    Includes two colors, clear pink and clear blue, which allows to recreate your desired scenes. (*Joints are selectable)
・ Includes an exclusive special base in precious pearl white color!
[Set Contents]
● Expansion effect “Wings of Light” clear pink (left/right 1 each)
● Expansion effect “Wings of Light” clear blue (left/right 1 each)
● Special Base (pearl white)