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Mr Cement S / SP / SPB (Black) - MC129 / MC131 / MC132

RM 14.00

Mr Cement S

Mr Cement S is a thin (low viscosity) that features strong gap filling properties, as capillary action will spread the cement to fill small cracks and joints when cementing together plastic parts. 

Mr Cement SP

A new type of pour on adhesive!  Compared with previous pour on type adhesives, the drying speed has been dramatically improved and adhesive strength enhanced.
Use Mr.Cement SP together with MC129 Mr.Cement S, which is suitable for gluing while fine tuning component positioning.

Mr Cement SPB

Black color comes in Mr.CEMENT SP. It colors application in black as you can see where you apply on.
For plastic plate craft, applied surface turned in lack so that you can measure precisely. It is a kind of pigment that is covered by coating paint.