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MG Ex-S Gundam / S Gundam

RM 469.00

Previously released back in 2003, Bandai's upgraded Master Grade kit of the Ex-S Gundam/S Gundam from "Gundam Sentinel" features some parts inspired by the MG Deep Striker! You can assembly it as the Ex-S or the S, and you can display it in its separated forms (G Core, G Attacker and G Bomber) too. The head, shoulders, chest and backpack are all inspired by the Deep Striker, and the shape-changing parts of the abdomen are also reshaped. This kit is molded in color so painting isn't necessary. Get yours today!


    Beam smart gun
    Beam saber/beam cannon (x2)
    Incom 3x3
    Foil sticker sheet
    Marking sticker sheet
    Lead wire (x3)
    Screw (x27)