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Madworks N-003 - Round Drill

RM 24.00

Recommended using “Tamiya 74020 Craft Knife or NT Cutter Art Knife “as handle

Step 1 : Please drill a hole with using 0.5mm drill bit before use Neron N-003 Photo-Etch Precise Spade Bit Set
Step 2 : Choose the size that you need for your current project.  Gently press and rotate clockwise until you see the Smooth Clean Holes.
Step 3 : Apply the actual size of Photo-etch detail parts on the hole with super glue. (This demo is using Neron N004 Photo-Etch Detail Part)
Special Tips : Use a piece of masking tape to keep your Neron N-003 Photo-Etch Precise Spade Bit Set clean and tidy.

Easy to Use
Clean Flat Holes &  Precise Finish Work
This set come in 11 Different Size : 1.4mm / 1.5mm / 1.6mm / 1.7mm / 1.8mm / 2.0mm / 2.2mm / 2.4mm / 2.6mm / 2.8mm / 3.0mm
Each Size come with 2 pieces
Required 0.5mm Drill Bit to make a holes before use this Spade Bit Set
Great Combination with Neron N-004 Photo-Etch Detail Part
Recommended using “Tamiya 74020 or NT Cutter Art Knife “as handle.