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HGUC Victory Two Assault Buster Gundam

RM 80.00

Looking for a versatile Gundam kit with a wide array of weapons and customization options? Look no further than the V2 Assault Buster Gundam kit! With this kit, you can build any of three different Gundam models, each loaded with powerful weapons like the Mega Beam Rifle, Mega Beam Shield, and Beam Rifle. The V2 Core Fighter, Assault parts, and Buster parts are all included as well, giving you even more customization options. Molded in multiple colors, this kit is easy to assemble with snap-fit construction, and features foil stickers for added detail. Order yours today and start building your ultimate Gundam collection!


  • Mega Beam Rifle
  • Mega Beam Shield
  • Beam Rifle
  • V2 Core Fighter
  • Assault parts
  • Buster parts
  • Foil stickers for markings