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HGUC Hyaku-Shiki (Bandai)

RM 72.00

Calling all Gundam fans! Bandai has just released their highly anticipated HGUC kit number 200, the Mobile Suit Type 100, Hyakushiki. This kit features a fresh take on the classic Hyakushiki design, using designs from other kits in the Revive series.

The Hyakushiki model-kit comes with three different eye stickers, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred look. It also includes two Beam Sabers, a Beam Rifle, and the Clay Bazooka, all of which can be mounted on the back of the mobile suit when not in use.

The Hyakushiki is considered to be the "Revive" version of the classic model-kit, engineered with improved details and articulation. As the 200th HGUC kit, it's a must-have for any Gundam collector or enthusiast.

Order your Hyakushiki model-kit today and experience the thrill of building and displaying this iconic mobile suit.


  • Hyakushiki model-kit
  • Three different eye stickers
  • Two Beam Sabers
  • Beam Rifle
  • Clay Bazooka

Don't miss out on the latest addition to the HGUC kit line. Get your hands on the Hyakushiki and add it to your collection today!