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Figure-Rise Standard Kamen Rider Drive

RM 148.00

Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed is the latest of the Heisei-era Riders to join the "Figure-rise Standard" figure-kit lineup from Bandai! His eyes, which resemble headlights, have been treated with a "reflection cut" process to make them reflect light in a way very similar to that seen in the show. Clear parts are used for the brake lights and turn signals; the mesh processing and mechanical modeling of the ducts in various places are also expressed. His characteristic tire features a realistic texture and is made of a different material; the silver body parts are given an extra finish processing for a realistic gleam, and the red and black parts are mirror-polished! Various weapons are included, such as the "Door Gun" and "Handle Sword"! A base for display is also included. Order him for your own collection today!


  • Handle Sword
  • Door Gun
  • Hand parts (x1 set)
  • Joint parts for connection
  • Figure-rise Effect base
  • Stickers (x2 types)