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BB Gundam GP03D

RM 36.00 RM 40.00

What do you mean you can't afford B-Club's Dendrobrium (68,000 yen)?! I guess you'll just have to settle for this SD version of the same item at 1/68th the price. Of course the GP03 Stamen is removable from the huge burner setup, and it also comes with two beam sabers, beam rifle, bazooka and shield. What fun!

General commentary: Bandai's "BB Senshi" line of "SD" Gundam kits (SD stands for "Super Deformed") are cute little comic interpretations of machines from the original Gundam series. Kits are molded in color and feature easy snap-assembly, suitable for young kids. Many also have little spring-loaded missile shooters that launch plastic projectiles (hands, bombs, etc.). Stickers included, too. Finished kits stand about 5-6cm high.